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I’m back to using speech-to-text. I was using a program with an application called Dictation.IO It’s really easy to use and I like it. Just talk to the app and it will complete the information just the way you speak to it and then you can copy and paste it right into Facebook Messenger, how cool is that? I was using a program that you had to pay for about a year ago but this is free I’m not sure who makes it but I think it’s made by Google or Microsoft one of the two but I enjoy using it. I’ll send you the link. All you do is approve the use of your microphone and it will take it from there. At the bottom, there’s a little Menu that says copy then you go over to your Messenger window click in there, and then right-click with your mouse and click on Paste. Here is the link to the app:
Let me know if you have any questions! PM me at @webhost
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