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Welcome to The International & Exotic Women website, a.k.a. MLZ, ABZBABES, MEDIALANDINGZONE & IEW.  Please do not assume the IEW main page is all you see!  Far from it.  Our Network is composed of a secure, private, and powerful website with  PUBLIC and PRIVATE AREAS.  To protect our valuable content most areas are “public” as a Guest until you register for full access. Even though we do not charge for subscriptions, or have any hidden fees to use our services or download or view our photos, videos, or other media items we still must verify your age and protect our content from spammers, hackers, and bad actors. 

Once you have registered and been approved (allow 24 hours) you will then be able to visit other areas of the website that were restricted as a guest. Please watch your email for notification. Please read our Disclaimer, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy before joining as a new member of IEW! Thank you.

In addition to the website (iexoticwomen.com), we also provide a dual Synology 70TB NAS Web Server that can be accessed for most of our content without cost.  You must be a member in good standing at IEW and have completed the basic registration form before seeking an application for web server access!  Should you request access to our web servers you will be asked to complete another more robust registration application whereby we check our databases, and request more information from you. More scrutiny is required to ensure the security and integrity of our network is maintained at all times by all users.

Moreover, by becoming a member of IEW you will gain access to direct downloads by request, private adult galleries, thousands of photos, Asian models, US-UK, hundreds of erotic and adult videos, JAV, and many more features only available to our members. As a guest and member, you will still have access to our two public Piwigo photo servers again at no cost. Piwigo requires each user to register on their website before downloading up to 1,000 photos from a given gallery. No fee.

As a member, you can find a home in one of many of our Facebook Groups, become involved in our Twitter page (@iewhost), and enjoy the benefit of streaming or downloading 4K UHD, HD quality videos to your smartphone, tablet, iPad, or personal computer. For our mobile or tablet devices, users can download the DSfile app for either Apple or Android online  We also provide each member an FTP account if they would like to use their favorite FTP Client for direct downloads.

There are no scams, marketing, or ads on our website or server!  We accept PayPal donations but this is completely voluntary. We don’t charge people for our services or content for two simple reasons; 1) we are self-supported–we hate ads and the malware they can inject and 2) we leave it up to our members to decide if our website or server is worthy of their donation.  It’s just that simple.  We will never sell your email address and you may contact us directly on Facebook for private messages, inquiries, questions, or support by visiting our IEW Facebook Support Group here.

Thank you for stopping in to visit!  We trust IEW can earn your trust and you will enjoy your online time with us!  

Lee Ashton Miller, Founder of IEW

IEW Admin Team