Web Server Now Available for Members

Use the DSfile app available from either Apple Store or Android Store to login to our Synology Web Server.  Once you login you will have  access to all movies, adult content, photo galleries and Asian models.  Here are the steps you need to take in order to gain access.  You can download files also but if your smartphone or tablet is limited in capacity then be very careful not to exceed your available storage capacity on your expansion card or device.  Some of our media files are quite large so it may be much better if you stream these very large video files until we get the 2gb line installed.

Consult this page for more info on DSfile for Android devices (tablets and smart phones running Android software). Use this link for Apple DSfile

We are still in the process of upgrading to a 2gb fiber optic line.  In the meantime, if you want to download the videos you are streaming just visit our website and use the Media Request form and we will see you get the video or gallery. Here are screen prints you might find helpful. Please Register on International & Exotic Women before trying to access the Synology Server since the web server is only available to members on IEW.
You may also wan to access the web server through your computer or laptop.  You are free to do so but remember large videos files are not suitable for downloading at this time but should stream fine unless the server is busy or the connection is not a broadband internet connection.

See screen prints below:














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