How did this happen you might ask.  Very simply, it was just a matter of time.  Other than adult photos we maintain on our Web Server, we have now made the decision to upload all NEW non-adult related photos including our Japanese Gravure Idols Collection, Asian Models, Extreme Beauty Models and those deemed “Safe for Work” or “Public Content” to our Piwigo Photo Servers hosted by Piwigo.  This is important since we are not utilizing our Synology Web Server as we hoped due to our ISP not being able to provide us a 2GB Up & Down high speed fiber optic line.  At this point it may be next year (2024) before their 2GB service goes live and we can once again open up the Web Server for our members.

In the meantime, you will be able to view many but all our photo content on Piwigo.  We understand this does not come close to our actual media stored on our IEW Server but is a limited measure to mitigate our members not being able to access the Web Server at this time.

We hope you will enjoy the (2) Piwigo Servers we are providing for your enjoyment.  The Piwigo Terms of Use only allow a user to download 1,000 Photos at a time but you can also download several photos of a specific model if you wish.  All adult content will only be located on our IEW v2.0 website: The International & Exotic Women [] utilizing our AWS S3 connected network.   You will need to Register on each Piwigo Photo Server before you can Batch Download photos ( this is their policy not ours).

There is a chance we may return the Piwigo Photo Servers 1 & 2 to serve only  IEW Members in order to keep hackers, leachers and spammers away!  

Who and What is Piwigo?


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