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Get ready for a new interface with new features including a video thumbnail page and lots of “goodies” we can’t discuss at this point.  Yes, you have to Register simply because it helps us keep our spammers and similar vermin.

If a web page on this website appears too LARGE or too SMALL then you can RESIZE it easily by holding down your Control key (CTRL) while depressing the + (larger) or – (smaller).  The website is designed for large HD displays since we want to showcase our ladies in all their glory as large as we can.  This website can accommodate tablets or smart phones but the preferred display is still HD or 4K.  Unless you have a large capacity SIM card you may be out of luck to download files.

Some features require not only signing up but the page may be RESTRICTED.  If you cannot access the “restricted goodie pages” then notify us since this “switch” must be turned ON after you have been approved as a member. Please do not share your login credentials with friends or families.  Have them Register and we will be happy to approve them unless they are on known black lists (these are usually criminals and such).  I am sure none of you out there engage in such criminal activity but it goes without saying thousands of websites are compromised on infected daily.

We welcome you to our family where we promise you complete privacy and we do not use any means to track your surfing habits or sale your email address.  This Version of IEW 2.0 is a work of love to all that enjoy beautiful and seductive models for that reason our website is ONLY for those 18 years of age and above. There may be several past domains for this website but this is the current website not abzbabes.com, medialandingzone.com, etc.  

We use SSL encryption and robust commercial security to protect our content.  Much of our content is NOT located on this website but rather lives on our Amazon AWS S3 Server.

We hope you enjoy all our media and much of it is available for DOWNLOAD.  We encourage those only with a high speed broadband access to download our files some of which may exceed 7GB 4K videos.  If you get an error page after 30 days from this post please report it to us! 

Please use a valid email address.  No alias or false information when you register.  VPNs are fine.

THANK YOU for reading this extended post. All upload submissions will need approved by the admin team prior to posting.



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