Yuki Mamiya (Mogami)

Yuki Mamiya (Mogami) is a sensual and erotic Japanese model and actress. She was born in Aichi, Japan on March 9, 1991. Her blood type is O, and she is 163 cm tall (5 ft. 4″). Yuki’s body measurements are: Bust: 86 cm, Waist: 59 cm and Hips: 86 cm. She has appeared in numerous films, including Amai Muchi, The Torture Club, and the Nikkatsu film Wet Woman in the Wind, for which she received an Emerging Actress Award at the 26th Japanese Professional Movie Awards. IEW Gallery Yuki Mamiya is provided in (4) Volumes.
Total Photos = 3,268 in (4) Volumes

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