Why Can’t I Self Register?

There was perhaps a time when this was safe and efficient but I have come to the conclusion after 30 years and being hacked a few times including an attempted hostile takeover it is best to allow the admin team to register all prospective members. By doing so, we are familiar with each person that joins our family and after verifying their identity it makes our life a whole lot easier.  Once we receive your Registration (we use Wufoo which is very safe and secure to process our registrations) we then setup your account in WordPress.  Next, we send you a confirmation email with a temporary password and a username we want you to use.  In WordPress one can login with their email or username once the account has been approved. We then set your security permissions to allow you to access private or protected adult content.  This keeps us “legal” and keeps the “kiddies” out.  At this point, WordPress will send you a notice you have been registered as a new user.  It’s simple, fast and most of all safer this way.  At one point before implementing this procedure we had over 360 registrations in a period of 48 hours from Russia.  So, thank you for your patience and understanding.  In addition to our customized registration process we have also implemented tight firewall security with Wordfence, installed a Comodo SSL Certificate and do online scanning and security checks. You can be fully assured that you are safe and secure when you are browsing our website or servers.  We do not track your IP address unless we have reason to do so and in that event you will be notified why your account was closed.  We hope this explains the mystery of why we do manual vs automatic registrations.   When you officially Register we provide you with the following services and features at no cost to you. No gimmicks, no lies, no sales pitch and most of all we provide you with fun and fantasy without undue censorship, absurd “community standards” and provide a safe and secure environment for all our users.

[1] 24-7 Access to our Synology 120TB IEW Web Servers (DS920+ with DX517) with Desktop Manager User Interface. Download model albums; videos; rare cult movies. Over 1,500,000 media files. Includes (2) Buffalo TS NAS Serves for Continuous Redundancy Backups performed daily.

[2] Social Community Enabled Website similar to Ning or Tumblr with Private Messaging; Pubic & Private Chat

[3] Two Piwigo Photo Servers with Thousands of photos ready to download to your desktop or phone.

[4] DS File Android App for accessing or IEW Web Server files and folders! Info inside.

[5] Forums. These are NEW so we need you to jump in and moderate a forum!

[6] Customized User Profiles within BuddyPress-Wordpress Environment with Wordfence Security.

[7] FTP Account and Email Accounts. Just ask us to set you up at no charge. We recommend FileZilla.

[8] Very Large JAV and Adult Model Collections for US/UK, Korean, Japan, Thai, etc. on own IEW Web Server!

[9] Media Catalogs and Media Requests for rare movies in our collection or private downloads upon request.

[10] News Releases and Facebook Page @iewserver [https://www.facebook.com/iewserver]

[11] Follow us on Twitter @iexoticwomen [18+]

[12] Download or Stream Full Cult & Classic Movies on our IEW Web Server or by Media Request