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Welcome Guest to The International & Exotic Women’s File Server, a.k.a IEW Web Server.  There is no charge to access, stream or download media content from our Synology 80TB NAS Server with 2GB/sec download speed. The web server is totally free, private and secure. The Server is your gateway to thousands of ultra high definition and HD videos and media files.  The Server provides you a 24-7 experience.  Once you login you will have a desktop unique to your customization.  File Station is the most important icon on your Desktop.  Use it to gain access to all our Japanese gravure idols, XXX Videos, Model Galleries, Music and old cult movies and much much more!

In order to access the Web Server simply Register here and we will process your application within 24 hours. Registering for access to the IEW Web Server involves a higher level of verification.  Once approved we will email you the security login set usually within 24 hours.  If you have questions or concerns before or after registering please leave us a message using the Contact Us  or Feedback  links on the IEW Website.

After you have received your login set in your email you may login to the Web Server with the credentials we provided you.  You can change your password later. You must register separately for the Web Server! 

Note: If you try to Login to the Web Server through this website and not through the web server interface you may receive a Certificate Warning Error Message from your web browser.  Have fun and happy downloading!

Typical User Home Screen