As of September 24th, 2022, we have recovered approx. 80% of the data lost due to the severe storm we experienced almost 4 weeks ago.  It appears most of the data we lost involved non-Asian galleries and videos.  We are in the process of subscribing to various websites to populate the server with content that was “lost” with new content.  

In addition, we have added additional network storage hard drives (+24TB) to allow for future expansion.  This has created a performance lag for our users since the Web Server must relocate data and move it within the storage pool to make room for the new drives.  This in turn may slow access and especially streaming videos may be slow or not even play.  Our advice to wait for this maintenance upgrade to complete.  We anticipate this process should be complete by September 26th.  We appreciate your patience in this matter.

There is some discussion about making our web server available to the users of but to this date we have not finalized any plans just discussion with their senior admin, Dr. Lee on the best way to accomplish this.  More information as it becomes available at a later date.

Be careful and watch for children during the Halloween season.  

Best regards,

Ashton Miller

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