Latest News & Facebook Divorce


After today (August 16th, 2022) I have decided to cut ties with Facebook permanently. After years of being bullied and censored we have decided to move on and leave the Groups, Blog and Page behind. 

Our IEW website will now serve as our primary social and media hub and consequently we plan to incorporate several new features for our loyal members.  Here are just a few of the upcoming changes:

  • We will be promoting our new sub-domain on Cult and Campy Movies and making our collection available to our membership upon request!
  •  We will now incorporate affiliate websites (not ads) providing links to their media libraries and in so doing listing those affiliates in a new Blog-Roll.
  • New Photo of the Day 
  • More detailed model profiles including their social links and other interesting facts and trivia.
  • We will also provide random post links for popular and new Japanese Gravure Idols, JAV babes and hot models to their Photo or Video Collection for easy and quick access instead of members having to login into the web-server.  We still encourage our members to login to the IEW Web Server when possible to avoid false-positive security errors. These links may originate from  either our AWS S3 account or  the IEW Web Server but more likely from our dual Piwigo Photo Servers.  More on this later . . . 
  • Video and Movie Play on Demand (VOD) Service including hundreds of  funny and weird movies, beautiful and sexy models as well as other movies complete with video thumbnails, categories, profiles and other goodies.  Coming Fall of 2022.

 Look forward to an exciting fall & winter as we engage our members to participate in our Forums and become actively involved!  We really do need each of you to become active and participate in commenting and sharing the good news about IEW!

Thank you!

Ashton Miller


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