New Video Playlists Project

Okay. Here is goes. Testing my JSON scripting today with PHP5 and learning to setup AWS S3 Bucket Policy was a major challenge since I’m not a professional programmer, What I was trying to do was take batch of videos that already existed on my AWS S3 account and add them to a playlist within WordPress using a Video Player that will allow for Playlists. Sounds easy..but for me it was a headache. 8 hours later I think it works. This will allow us to add multiple playlists of Gravure and JAV videos that play in a list. Let me know what you think. Eventually this will live only on the IEW Website for obvious reasons. Public as of now. I did not add the video thumbnails for the time being. I know you can do the same with Youtube Playlists but I like to use my own content because you never know when one of their videos is going to be unavailable within your playlist. You can visit the new playlist on this page.


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