WTF Happened?


Well, last year until recently I had asked our admin team to restructure the FB Groups so that the main focus would be on Photo Galleries and Downloads. To that end I invested my own funds with the help of a generous donation by one of our loyal Members (thank you Manny Marcano) to facilitate expansion in software and hardware to accomplish this goal. I thought all the admin team was onboard but even though a few of the members kept posting content on our Groups and even formed their own FB Groups they would not take an active part in the reconstruction process. Over time I became more and more frustrated since I personally had invested large sums of money and labor to bring this to fruition. It was also something I believed all the admin team members had agreed to at least verbally. So since I had personally began all the Groups I had asked a co-admin to assist in posting content while I continued to work on our website and a recently purchased Synology web server (I did not ask anyone to help pay for this expensive item but paid $1500 out of pocket myself) that was to provide 24-7 online photos and videos for our Members. Still, no support and even at times I was ignored for weeks on end so I ended up removing one co-admin and just recently one more co-admin. Why? These two individuals not only did not share my vision of what IEW was all about but also did not want to take the time to attend online meetings or assist in the planning and implementation of those plans! SO, HERE I AM ALL ALONE NOW BUT AT LEAST I KNOW WTF I AM DOING AND IF YOU WANT TO SERVE AS A MOD THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO AGREE TO SOME BASIC PRINCIPLES AND POST. Why, I wanted IEW from the start to only post high class models, fashion babes and Japanese Gravure Idols and not slutty content. I wanted the content to be fresh and new each week and provide a solution for all our members to download and even stream such content anytime they so chose to do so. So all the former Groups are now rolled into 1 website, 2 Groups and 1 Page and a personal profile Blog. You will have to bookmark the new links (posted separately) to make it easy to get to them. Finally, I feel no guilt how I handled the situation and feel strongly I had every right to protect the Groups from stagnation and poor leadership. If you have questions or concerns then private message me. I have turned off comments here. Thank you for allowing me to explain the events that led up to the massive change. I feel the Groups will flourish and prosper immensely with “new blood” and leadership that actually gives a f*c*. Thank you for hanging in there this past year and lets hope 2023 will be much better for all.
Ashton Miller, Group CEO

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