I took a week off posting on the IEW website so I could try and get the old Buffalo web servers back online. We gave up since the software that runs them is so out of date and we were having issues with port forwarding with the new DOCSIS 3.1 Router.  So we ended up ordering a new web-file server by Synology today. We asked around and knew from our past experience that Synology has proven to have some of the best network and file sharing software for internet access so we ordered the server with (2) high speed NAS Seagate Hard drives. Hopefully the webserver will be online soon and those of you that are members of International & Exotic Women can take advantage of super fast direct downloads with web based file folders which comprise many of our HD videos and model galleries at your fingertips. We started out small but can in fact upgrade the hard drives at a later time once we get the server configured and it has been operational for a few months. More updates in the weeks ahead. Good days are ahead in 2022!

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