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Currently in addition to other tasks we are in the process of providing Downloadable Zip Files  for any videos or porn stars we feature here on IEW.  This is especially helpful for Gallery Albums which may contain several hundred images. They are compressed with our zip utility and provided as a single file you download from Media Downloads. In the Media Downloads area be sure when you click on the green button you RIGHT-CLICK it and select “Save Link as…” otherwise the video will start playing (maybe not a good idea at times).  Right-Clicking and selecting “Save Link as” will download the file to your download folder on your computer. It is recommended you not download these to a small SIMM Card or other device not capable of holding large files.  You will also need an unzip utility (built-in standard feature in Windows 10) to unarchive the file(s).  

We have added some more porn videos and man they just keep getting hotter all the time…Look for more adult photo collections in the near future.  As you may have noticed if a Gallery contains more than around 200 files we upload these to our AWS S3 Server to keep our bandwidth usage down. This is turn keeps our hosting company happy. 

Please continue to invite your friends!  That’s all for now.  Have a safe week ahead!

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